Never Have I Ever:


1. Had a boyfriend. [credit]
2. Been on a cheerleading squad. [credit]
3. Seen Maroon 5 live. [credit]
4. Had my first kiss. [credit]
5. Been told, “I love you.” [credit
6. Tried nutella. [credit]
7. Had a significant other on Valentine’s day. [credit]
8. Attended a wedding. [credit]
9. Met the Doctor. [credit]
10. Cut class. [credit]
11. Snuck out. [credit]
12. Been to Jingleball. [credit]
13. Asked you out because I’m too scared. [credit]
14. Told someone I love them. [credit]
15. Been to Disney World. [credit]
16. Met Selena Gomez. [no credit]
17. Got a detention. [credit]
18. Found love in a hopeless pace. [credit]
19. Been on a date. [credit]
20. Been asked to a dance. [credit]
21. Told anyone I’m gay. [credit]
22. Been on a vacation just with my friends. [credit]
23. Swam with dolphins. [credit]
24. Been in a real relationship. [credit]
25. Dyed my hair. [credit]
26. Received flowers. [credit]
27. Been to an Eminem concert. [credit]
28. Gone on a road trip with my friends. [credit]
29. Looked good in shorts. [credit]
30. Been to a concert. [credit]
31. Gone on a shopping spree. [credit]
32. Been so in love with somebody. [credit]
33. Been asked out on a date. [credit]
34. Believed I am beautiful. [credit]
35. Hosted a Halloween party. [credit]
36. Felt good about my weight, height, or myself. [credit]
37. Had someone sing to me. [credit]
38. Been to a Taylor Swift concert. [credit]
39. Swam in the ocean. [credit]
40. Met Justin Bieber. [credit]
41. Watched Titanic. [credit]
42. Had a guy tell me he loves me. [credit]
43. Thought I was good enough. [credit]
44. Met a celebrity. [credit]
45. Been a blonde. [credit]
46. Looked good in a little black dress. [credit]
47. Felt as close to a person as I am with my current best friend. [credit]
48. Had sex. [credit]
49. Seen Hollywood Undead at a live gig. [credit]
50. Given in to peer pressure. [credit]
51. Been to a Kanye West concert. [credit]
52. Been kissed. [credit]
53. Worn a bikini. [credit]
54. Been interested in relationships. [credit]
55. Been on a movie date. [credit]
56. Thought I pretty enough. [credit]
57. Learned to speak another language fluently. [credit]
58. Liked anyone as much as I like you. [credit]
59. Had a bromance. [credit]
60. Been on the honor roll. [credit]
61. Worn sweatpants in public. [credit]
62. Met Hayley Williams. [credit]
63. Been to a party with booze. [credit]
64. Seen Scarface. [credit]
65. Got a boner in public. [credit]
66. Been kissed in the rain. [credit]
67. Sent a death threat. [no credit]
68. Passed out drunk. [credit]
69. Shopped at Hollister. [credit]
70. Been in true love. [credit]
71. Done drugs. [credit]
72. Been in a taxi. [credit]
73. Starved myself. [credit]
74. Had an “I love you more” fight. [credit]
75. Had my dream body. [credit]
76. Posted nude photos online. [credit]
77. Met One Direction. [credit]
78. Had a “friend” that hasn’t stabbed me in the back. [credit]
79. deleted. deleted. deleted. [credit]
80. Been on an airplane. [credit]
81. Missed an episode of Glee. [credit]
82. Been streaking. [credit]
83. Been the girl in the movies who gets the guy of her dreams. [credit]
84. Drank alcohol. [credit]
85. Been cheated on. [credit]
86. Been told I’m beautiful. [credit]
87. Had a guy like me back. [credit]
88. Said I hated Eminem. [credit]
89. Been drunk. [credit]
90. Met Billie Piper. [credit]
91. Been someone’s first choice. [credit]
92. Been to a foreign country. [credit]
93. Met Chris Colfer. [credit]
94. Had a guy sing “What Makes You Beautiful” to me. [credit]
95. Expressed my true feelings to a guy. [credit]
96. Had anyone love me as much as he does. [credit]
97. Been with the same sex. [credit]
98. Had someone give a shit about me. [credit]
99. Met Darren Criss. [credit]
100. Had a friendship like they do in That ’70s Show. [credit]
101. Tried sushi. [credit]
102. Failed a class. [credit]
103. Lost a poke war on Facebook. [no credit]
104. Made out with somebody. [credit]
105. Been blown away by a kiss. [credit]
106. Been in love. [credit]
107. Fully grown up. [credit]
108. Been an extra on a movie. [credit]
109. Been on a game show. [credit]
110. Seen The Shining. [credit]
111. Hated on Chris Brown. [credit]
112. Had a guy like me. [credit]
113. Had a guy best friend. [credit]
114. Met the ICONic Boyz. [credit]
115. Had the guts to talk to my crush. [credit]
116. Met someone named Bob. [credit]
117. Told him that I’m still in love with him. [no credit]
118. Said “I love you” to a guy & meant it. [credit]
119. Had a slow dance in the moon light. [credit]
120. Tried No Shave November. [credit]
121. Left the USA. [credit]
122. Told him how much he means to me. [credit]
123. Smoked. [credit]
124. Received a text from my crush. [credit]
125. Read or watched Twilight. [credit]
126. Fell asleep with someone on the phone. [credit]
127. Truly loved my personality. [credit]
128. Had someone treat me like a princess. [credit]
129. Been used the way he used me. [credit]
130. Met Josh Franceschi. [credit]
131. Been so scared to lose him. [credit]
132. Met Lil Wayne. [credit]
133. Broken a bone. [credit]
134. Met Heather Morris. [credit]
135. Received a tweet from Lea Michele. [no credit]
136. Been proposed to/proposed to somebody. [credit]
137. Met Britney Spears. [no credit]
138. Been caught sneaking out. [credit]
139. Said I liked Justin Bieber. [credit]
140. Seen Up. (the disney movie) [credit]
141. Had a job. [credit]
142. Gone a day without food. [credit]
143. Met Cody Simpson. [credit]
144. Been to the Bahamas. [credit]
145. Gone swimming. [credit]
146. Been in a flash mob. [credit]
147. Told people I like girls. [credit]
148. Wanted anyone else but you. [credit]
149. Played on stage with Dave Matthews. [credit]
150. Had someone truly love me. [credit]
151. Seen Star Wars. [credit]
152. Been to the Drop Dead store. [credit]
153. Been the same without you. [credit]
154. Met someone with the same name as me. [credit]
155. Hooked up with somebody. [credit]
156. Sent anon hate. [no credit]
157. Found the end of a rainbow. [credit]
158. Had a nice body. [credit]
159. Met Allstar Weekend. [credit]
160. Seen an unattractive picture of Darren Criss. [credit]
161. Cheated on somebody. [credit]
162. Met Mindless Behavior. [credit]
163. Been somebody’s crush. [credit]
164. Had perfect skin. [credit]
165. Seen a bad picture of Dianna Agron. [credit]
166. Given a blowjob. [credit]
168. Met Jesse McCartney. [credit]
169. Sent death threats to Selena Gomez. [credit]
170. Loved my hips. [credit]
171. Fit into Abercrombie’s clothes. [credit]
172. Met Chase Utley. [credit]
173. Told my best friend that I’m in love with them. [credit]
174. Smoked weed. [credit]
175. Watched the Harry Potter movies. [credit]
176. Met Taylor Swift. [credit]
177. Been backstabbed by a friend. [credit]
178. Wanted someone as bad as I want him. [credit]
179. Met Demi Lovato. [credit]
180. Read the Harry Potter books. [credit]
181. Wanted a second chance as much as I do right now. [credit]
182. Met Lady Gaga. [credit]
183. Been to Walmart. [credit]
184. Fit into Hollister’s clothes. [credit]
185. Listened to heavy metal music. [credit]
186. Had him IM me first. [no credit]
187. Been a size small. [credit]
188. Hated on Selena Gomez. [no credit]
189. Cried tears of joy. [credit]
190. Told a boy I liked him. [credit]
191. Had someone listen about my life. [credit]
192. Wished I was blonde. [credit]
193. Wished I was famous. [credit]
194. Listened to One Direction. [credit]
195. Sexted. [credit]
196. Hugged Justin Bieber. [credit]
197. Felt worth it. [credit]
198. Been Black Friday shopping. [credit]
199. Felt good enough for him. [credit]
200. Experienced falling snow. [credit]
201. Liked my body. [credit]
202. Had a guy text me first. [credit]
203. Been on stage at a concert. [credit]
204. Met Joey King. [credit]
205. Loved a band so much. [credit]
206. Seen an unattractive picture of Heather Morris. [credit]
207. Been against gay rights. [credit]
208. Felt skinny/beautiful/wanted. [credit]
209. Thought you would replace me. [credit]
210. Heard anyone say they hate Adele. [credit]
211. Ordered from Starbucks. [credit]
212. Met Jaden Smith. [credit]
213. Read a Shakespeare play. [credit]
214. Gotten into a physical fight. [credit]
215. Had a Myspace. [credit]
216. Been to a Jonas Brothers concert. [credit]
217. Gotten a hickey. [credit]
218. Kissed underwater. [credit]
219. Cut myself. [credit]
220. Been in a food fight. [credit]
221. Been personally victimized by Regina George. [credit]
222. Been involved with a player. [credit]
223. Cried because of love. [credit]
224. Gotten into a stranger’s car. [credit]
225. Owned a Victoria’s Secret bra. [credit]
226. Learned to ride a bike. [credit]
227. Made myself throw up. [credit]
228. Been able to hold up a strapless dress. [credit]
229. Been so scared to tell you how I really feel. [credit]
230. Sat on a roof. [credit]
231. Seen an episode of Doctor Who. [credit]
232. Loved. [credit]
233. Had s’mores. [credit]
234. Been to a baseball game. [credit]
235. Been to a Super Bowl. [credit]
236. Cried at a funeral. [credit]
237. Been on a real date. [credit]
238. Had surgery. [credit]
239. Been skydiving. [credit]
240. Played spin the bottle. [credit]
241. Been to a rave. [credit]
242. Been in a relationship. [credit]
243. Been kissed under the mistletoe. [credit]
244. Gotten a puppy on Christmas. [credit]
245. Had him act like he cares. [credit]
246. Been to Niagara Falls. [credit]
247. Been as happy as I am right now. [credit]
248. Felt like I belonged. [credit]
249. Held hands with a guy. [credit]
250. Changed my Facebook relationship status. [credit]
251. Met Billie Joe Armstrong. [credit]
252. Been someone’s reason to smile. [credit]
253. Had someone stand up for me. [credit]
254. Missed Ryan Dunn so much. [credit]
255. Been skinny. [credit]
256. ‘Liked’ a tbh status. [no credit]
257. Seen Hot Chelle Rae in concert. [credit]
258. Been to America. [credit]
259. Kept a secret. [credit]
260. Been as cute as Miley Cyrus. [credit]
261. Cried over a guy. [credit]
262. Seen Usher live. [credit]
263. Succeeded in love. [credit]
264. Crushed on anyone but him. [credit]
265. Seen Taylor Swift live [credit]
266. Had suicidal thoughts. [credit]
267. Gone skinny dipping. [credit]
268. Doubted Josh Hutcherson as the perfect Peeta Mellark. [credit]
269. Wanted to live in the Avatar world so much. [credit]
270. Felt important. [credit]
271. Had a New Years kiss. [credit]
272. Fallen asleep under the stars with that “special someone.” [credit]
273. Loved any sport more than hockey. [credit]
274. Felt good about myself. [credit]
275. Trusted anyone. [credit]
276. Told anyone I’m bisexual. [credit]
277. Seen an unattractive picture of Justin Bieber. [credit]
278. Been to a midnight premiere of a movie. [credit]
279. Felt wanted by a guy. [credit]
280. Had a manicure. [credit]
281. Ate at McDonalds. [credit]
282. Been asked out by a guy. [credit]
283. Been in a pillow fight. [credit]
284. Fallen off a boat. [credit]
285. Been to Costco. [credit]
286. Enjoyed kissing. [credit]
287. Worn contacts. [credit]
288. Been to a Jesse McCartney concert. [credit] [credit]
289. Lived in another state. [credit]
290. Had perfect teeth. [credit]
291. Been first choice for any of my friends. [credit]
292. Gotten high. [credit]
293. Felt sparks fly when kissing. [credit]
294. Said “I love you.” [credit]
295. Been up in a hot air balloon. [credit]
296. Eaten KFC. [credit]
297. Been out of my own state. [credit]
298. Seen snow in person. [credit]
299. Felt as lonely as I am right now. [credit]
300. Met Big Time Rush. [credit]
301. Eaten calamari. [credit]
302. Taken a shower in less than an hour. [credit]
303. Had a hot dog. [credit]
304. Felt accepted. [credit]
305. Been to a beach party. [credit]
306. Hated on someone. [credit
307. Not cried during a Nicholas Sparks movie. [credit]
308. Stolen a car. [credit]
309. Been in love with my best friend. [credit]
310. Gotten a bloody nose. [credit]
311. Broken a promise. [credit]
312. Gotten anon hate. [no credit]
313. Felt strong enough. [credit]
314. Admitted to a lie. [credit]
315. Been on a school sports team. [credit]
316. Had Ramen Noodles. [credit]
317. Seen an unattractive picture of Booboo Stewart. [credit]
318. Been the “Worldwide Girl” at a Big Time Rush concert. [credit]
319. Had no worries. [credit]
320. Slow danced with a guy. [credit]
321. Had someone care. [credit]
322. Missed an episode of American Horror Story. [credit]
323. Had abs. [credit]
324. Counted calories. [credit]
325. Been truly happy. [credit]
326. Had my heart broken. [credit]
327. Been given a hoodie from a guy. [credit]
328. Seen an unattractive picture of Taylor Swift. [credit] [credit] [credit]
329. Had someone hit on me. [credit]
330. Liked my belly button. [credit]
331. Been in a photobooth. [credit]
332. Shared a milkshake with someone. [credit]
333. Been a fangirl or fanboy of something. [credit]
334. Met ‘the one.’ [credit]
335. Seen an unattractive Australian. [credit]
336. Stayed up for 24 hours straight. [credit]
337. Looked in the mirror and felt good about myself. [credit]
338. Had a best friend. [credit]
339. Made out with a hot dog. [credit]
340. Had supportive parents. [credit]
341. Had straight A’s. [credit]
342. Cut my own hair. [credit]
343. Been so afraid of the future. [credit]
344. Loved any man more than I love Joel McHale. [credit]
345. Felt skinny enough. [credit]
346. Been called beautiful by a guy. [credit]
347. Met my celebrity crush. [credit] [credit] [credit]
348. Been to a Big Time Rush concert. [credit]
349. Ate at Wendy’s. [credit]
350. Felt pretty. [credit]
351. Told anyone I’m atheist. [credit]
352. Been single for more than a month. [credit]
353. Seen the northern lights. [credit]
354. Met the Backstreet Boys. [credit]
355. Loved anyone as much as I love Louis Tomlinson. [credit]
356. Had a stable family. [credit]
357. Gone a year without bullying. [credit]
358. Owned a pair of Uggs. [credit]
359. Been to prom. [credit]
360. Seen the Notebook. [credit]
361. Been to Japan. [credit]
362. Gotten a piercing. [credit]
363. Had a shoulder to cry on. [credit]
364. Hated a Maroon 5 song. [credit]
365. Been friendzoned. [credit]
366. Eaten meat. [credit]
367. Succeeded in a game of Minesweeper. [credit]
368. Played Temple Run. [credit]
369. Been to New York City. [credit]
370. Lost my phone. [credit]
371. Had a crush. [credit]
372. Been someone’s best friend. [credit]
373. Held hands. [credit]
374. Been to a Panic! at the Disco concert. [credit]
375. Met Brendon Urie. [credit]
376. Logged out of Tumblr. [no credit]
377. Met anyone as amazing as you. [credit]
378. Enjoyed high school. [credit]
379. Played angry birds. [credit
380. Seen an unattractive picture of Zayn Malik. [credit]
381. Worn makeup. [credit]
382. Fully trusted anyone. [credit]
383. Made Kool-Aid. [credit
384. Seen anyone as cute as Niall Horan. [credit]
385. Had a lasting friendship. [credit]
386. Had a paint fight. [credit]
387. Told Demi Lovato how her story stopped me from cutting. [credit] [credit] [credit] [credit]
388. Told Demi Lovato how her story helped me. [credit
389. Missed anyone more than I miss you at this very moment. [credit
390. Been to a One Direction concert. [credit
391. Kissed my best friend’s brother. [credit]
392. Seen the Hunger Games. [credit
393. Seen the Lion King. [credit
394. Made lemonade. [credit
395. Eaten a Twinkie. [credit]
396. Had a relationship like they do in the Notebook. [credit

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